Trump Fights Back: Launches Appeal in NY Civil Fraud Case!

Former President Donald Trump and his lawyers have formally appealed a ruling by a New York judge that declared him and his Trump Organization guilty of fraud. The ruling was made by Justice Arthur Engoron, who sided with New York Attorney General Letitia James even before the trial began. Engoron found Trump and his associates guilty of inflating net worth and property values, leaving them liable to face severe punishments. These punishments include fines of up to $250 million, the revocation of certificates to do business in New York, the placement of Trump’s businesses and properties in state receivership, and the potential seizure of his assets.

Despite the ongoing civil fraud trial, Trump’s attorneys have filed an appeal with the state’s mid-level Appellate Division, challenging Engoron’s pre-trial ruling. The appeal argues against each and every part of the judge’s decision. Trump’s legal team contends that the evidence presented by James’ office does not prove any wrongdoing. They believe the prosecution is politically motivated and aimed at harming Trump’s business empire and chances of re-election in 2024.

The appeal also challenges the revocation of Trump’s business certificates, which would result in the loss of control over his assets. If the revocation stands, the impacted assets would be placed into state receivership. With Engoron already leaning towards AG James’ side, the ongoing trial seems like a mere formality to determine the extent of the punishment. Trump has strongly criticized the judge and prosecutor, accusing them of bias and fraudulent prosecution. However, he has received a gag order for the remainder of the proceedings after he criticized the judge’s chief law clerk.

In this biased conservative rewrite, I must say that it is clear the judge in this case has already made up his mind against Trump. This rush to judgment is nothing but a politically motivated attack on the former president and his business empire. It is shocking to see how far the prosecution will go to try and dismantle everything that Trump has built. Trump has been a successful businessman and leader, and it is clear that those who oppose him will stop at nothing to bring him down. Fortunately, Trump and his attorneys are fighting back and appealing this unjust ruling. It is my hope that justice will prevail, and Trump will be vindicated.

Written by Staff Reports

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