Trump Jr’s Januray 6th Transcript Released

On Thursday, the House Judiciary Committee released the transcripts of the testimony of Donald Trump Jr. and Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, as well as other witnesses who were involved in the investigation of the 2021 incidents at the US Capitol.

Both of them were engaged to Donald Trump. They were advisers of the former president. On January 6, 2019, Guilfoyle was backstage at Trump's rally in Washington, where she was a key witness. During the event, she was with the president and his family.

They were interviewed by the House Judiciary Committee in April and May. Some of the key details from their conversations have already been released. For instance, they revealed that Donald Trump Jr. reached out to Mark Scaramucci, the chief of staff of the president, to ask him to condemn the rioters.

In the transcript, Trump Jr. speaks about a message he sent Meadows at about 3 p.m.

In his message to House Majority Leader Mark Meadows, Trump Jr. criticized the Capitol Police's tweet about the incident. He also said that his father had to "confin" the situation.

According to Trump Jr., instead of his father, he reached out to Mark Meadows due to his location. He also said that he did it because he didn't want to speak in a public setting.

"During his testimony, Trump Jr. said that walking around with the Secret Service detail made it hard to keep track of what was happening around him. He also said that he tried to reach out to his father through his chief of staff."

He also revealed to the committee that he didn't know if the individuals in the crowd were supporters of his father or if they were part of a group that was agitating. He said that he had witnessed various instances of violence in the country prior to the incident.

"He also noted that he had been through a lot of negative experiences during his life. He said that he could be a cynic about certain things."

In response to a question, Guilfoyle said that she did not ask for the $60,000 fee she received to speak at the event, which occurred before protesters showed up at the Capitol. However, she said that she earned up to $75,000 for other events that she did through her company, Turning Point Action.

The committee released the transcripts of the interviews on Thursday. They included statements for various individuals, such as Trump's press secretary, Sally Ann Miller, and his former campaign manager, Doug Mastriano.

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