Trump on the hunt for perfect VP: Must be conservative, charismatic and TV-ready!

Former President Donald Trump is in the process of searching for the perfect running mate for his 2024 presidential election bid, and Trump insiders have given insight into what he’s looking for in a vice president. Firstly, the VP candidate must be someone who is “ideologically aligned” with Trump, meaning that they will be a conservative Republican like the former president himself. Additionally, the individual should possess charisma and loyalty.

While no candidates have officially come forward to announce their intent to be Trump’s VP, insiders say the former president has revealed privately that “a lot of people” are “auditioning” for the role. Sources close to the Trump campaign say that Trump places heavy emphasis on the presentation of a candidate, elevating those who are “TV ready” and who have a great way of presenting themselves. Loyalty is also a key characteristic that Trump will be considering, as he suffered from disloyalty in the White House during his presidency, which prevented him from accomplishing some of what he set out to do.

Insiders have said that Trump is highly likely to choose a woman as his running mate because having a female candidate would be an advantage in the upcoming election. While a candidate’s gender is not what’s most important, diversity is always a factor that’s taken into account. Trump has shown admiration for Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, his primary rival, but sources say he is also considering Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Elise Stefanik of New York. However, those same sources believe that the eventual pick will likely be a woman.

Stefanik has shown herself to be a strong supporter of President Trump, endorsing him before he announced his 2024 presidential run. She could well be a potential pick, as insiders say that the former president has floated her name as a possibility to be commander-in-chief in 2028. It’s rumored that Stefanik was being considered for VP as early as May of 2022.

One name that hasn’t been mentioned as a potential running mate is Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley. Despite his interest in policy and alignment with Trump’s ideology, insiders say Hawley has not endorsed the former president yet. However, Trump insiders say Hawley would make an excellent pick for VP, adding that he “looks the part” and is excellent on TV.

In any case, Trump is searching for someone who will be an asset to his presidency and the Republican Party as a whole. Time will tell who will eventually be chosen as Trump’s running mate.

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