Trump Scalds Iowa Gov. Reynolds Over Fair Showdown, GOP Shaken!

Former President Donald Trump did not hold back when it came to expressing his disappointment with Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds. After making an appearance at the Iowa State Fair, Trump took the opportunity to air his grievances about Reynolds’ decision to remain neutral in the race for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

Trump, speaking from the tarmac after his rally at the fair, made it clear that he played a significant role in Reynolds’ election as governor, stating, “I got her elected. I endorsed her, I came and did a rally when she was very far behind.” It’s clear that he expected a level of loyalty from Reynolds for his support.

The former president also made it known that he likes Reynolds, but he expressed his disappointment in her choice to remain silent on endorsing a candidate for the 2024 nomination. In his characteristic style, Trump emphasized his own contributions to her success, saying, “we did the rally and she ended up going up, I actually did a couple of rallies for her, and she ended up winning the election instead of losing the election.”

Trump didn’t stop at his grievances with Reynolds, however. He took the opportunity to highlight his own achievements during his time in office. He praised the economic growth under his administration and blamed China for interrupting his success with the COVID-19 pandemic. He also boasted about rebuilding the military and defeating ISIS.

It’s clear that Trump is not one to shy away from expressing his discontent, even toward fellow Republicans. Governor Reynolds may find herself on the receiving end of some Trump heat.

Written by Staff Reports

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