Trump Slams Biden at Rally for Betraying Israel Amid War with Hamas

Over the weekend, former President Donald Trump head a large rally at the Jersey Shore, attended by tens of thousands of supporters. He spoke about President Joe Biden’s decision to cut off offensive military aid to Israel if the Jewish state invades Rafah to clear out Hamas’ final stronghold in Gaza. Trump described the policy as “one of the worst betrayals of an American ally in the history of the country” and criticized Biden for being a “weak and pathetic president.” He promised to support Israel in its fight against the terrorists and stated that the attack and war wouldn’t have happened if he had been in the White House. 


The massive crowd at the rally demonstrated strong support for Trump’s stance on Israel. Public opinion heavily favors Israel in its battle against the genocidal jihadists who attacked them last fall. Despite this, Biden has catered to the “pro-Palestinian” and pro-Hamas fringe, possibly due to their perceived electoral influence. However, 80% of the electorate sides with Israel, making the Biden administration’s decision to withhold military aid a miscalculation.

Biden’s administration claims that this decision is about military strategy and humanitarian concerns, but it seems to be more about a domestic political calculation. Although more voters support Israel, Biden continues to pursue the votes of the anti-Israel crowd, even at the expense of betraying a key ally mid-war. Additionally, the administration’s previous endorsement of the elimination of Hamas contradicts their current stance, which appears to be a flip-flop.

The Israeli military’s operations have always aimed to avoid collateral damage, and their efforts to provide humanitarian aid to the civilians in Gaza show the stark contrast between Israel’s actions and the genocidal tactics employed by Hamas. Despite Biden’s objections, Israel must continue its fight against the terrorists, and our allies must disregard this weak and craven president’s admonitions. The decision to withhold military aid from Israel during their war against genocidal terrorists is appalling and surreal.

Written by Staff Reports

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