Tucker Carlson: Bobby Kennedy Jr. Outshines 2024 Frontrunners, Media Fumes

In the midst of all the chaos of the 2024 presidential election, conservative political commentator Tucker Carlson has dropped a bombshell by saying that Bobby Kennedy Jr. is winning. Tucker believes that nobody is hated more by the media than Robert F. Kennedy Jr., despite his obvious popularity and potential as a candidate for president. But why is there so much vitriol directed towards him? Tucker takes the media to task for their biased and unfair reporting on Kennedy and vaccines. Despite the negative media, Kennedy has become more popular and less hated than either of the major party front-runners. And that is largely due to the fact that he is more honest and mainstream than his critics would like to admit. In other words, he is the lone voice pointing out that the emperor has no clothes.

Tucker points out that since Kennedy first published a magazine article regarding a potential link between childhood vaccines and the rise in autism diagnoses, little has been done to offer a convincing alternative explanation for the rise in autism diagnoses. The only focus from the media and pharmaceutical companies has been on discrediting Kennedy with no logical or ethical justification. It is because of this that Kennedy is the most censored famous person in the United States. Tucker also highlights how important it is to support independent journalism to continue asking critical questions and calling out the gatekeepers and their attempts to squelch debate on pressing issues, with Susie herself offering premium content as part of RedState’s VIP subscription service.

Bobby Kennedy Jr. may or may not be the right candidate for president from the conservative perspective. Still, the least that opponents could do is give him a fair hearing rather than merely smearing him. He is not an anti-vaxxer, nor is he a quack; he is a man with genuine concerns about vaccines and their safety. By throwing mud at Kennedy, the mainstream media and their colleagues in Big Pharma are only serving to make Bobby Kennedy Jr. more popular with the American public. At the very least, he is asking the difficult questions that nobody else seems to want to answer, and the people are listening.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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