Tucker Carlson Exposes Government’s Plot to Control Citizens with TikTok Ban!

Tucker Carlson, the Fox News host, has criticized the RESTRICT Act, which aims to ban the Chinese-owned app TikTok in America. According to him, stopping TikTok would not solve America’s security problems; it would only give the federal government more power to regulate its citizens.

He argued that the bill is a strategy that would make America more like China, where the government controls what its citizens see or read and exercises terror-inducing powers over them.

Although the government contends that TikTok poses a genuine threat to the country’s national security, Carlson questioned their deceptive motives, maintaining that the RESTRICT Act is aimed at controlling the American population.

Carlson also criticized the CEOs of big tech companies for imposing differing measures on election meddling in their apps. He questioned why Twitter and Facebook were given a pass while TikTok had to take the heat.

As we might recall, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew appeared before the House Energy and Commerce Committee last Thursday, where he declined to address allegations of China’s persecution of the Uyghur Muslims. TikTok has already faced charges for its promotion of Chinese propaganda, the intentional transmission of user information to China, and its association with fatal challenges.

In his closing remarks, Carlson warned Americans to be more vigilant of what their government is doing, stating that expansions of police powers over the population usually employ false pretexts. Although he considers TikTok a bad app, this is not the primary purpose of the RESTRICT Act; its hidden goals remain to control the American population.

Written by Staff Reports

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