Tucker Carlson Slams Failed Bank CEOs For “Dance Party” Videos

Tucker Carlson, the conservative Fox News host and co-founder of the Daily Caller News Foundation, had some harsh words for the “entitled” leaders of the recently failed Signature Bank on Tuesday. Carlson was appalled by the videos of “dance parties” that the bank posted on social media, questioning if they were actually banking.

“The so-called bankers, who were in charge of running Signature Bank, didn't seem to spend much time banking.” Carlson said. “Of course, they didn't need to go to a bank because the Fed guaranteed them a never-ending flow of cash in the form of free money. So, what exactly did they do?”

On Sunday, federal regulators shut down Signature Bank. This happened just two days after the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) bought Silicon Valley Bank because of a bank run caused by the bank's admission that it had lost $1.8 billion on asset sales because of high interest rates. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, in partnership with the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve, declared that depositors with accounts at these banks will be able to recover their funds completely.

After airing a seminar on gender identity and pronouns led by Signature Bank Chairman Scott Shay, Carlson criticized the executive in a video segment. He then proceeded to play a clip from a 2011 video created by the now-defunct bank, and danced to the Signature Bank video, which had a melody based on Katy Perry's "Firework."

“Signature Bank had a dance party. Bank. Like money was being made. It was a dance party with pronouns at Signature Bank, and that's not the only video they have like that. You can find many more online, including sketches based on Broadway shows,” Carlson said. "You could watch the videos all day long. We just did it, and now we're better off."

Following that, the conservative host from Fox News proceeded to condemn Silicon Valley Bank for their lack of expertise in investment banking and for creating a prideful video about their attempts to lend to black and Hispanic-owned businesses.

Carlson laughed sarcastically and said, "More self-centered people talking about themselves." "Let's talk about who I am and what I do! It's really cool! The Feds have taken care of the fact that banking is boring. Does the fact that this is how banks really work scare you a little bit?"

The banks' failure is unsurprising given their apparent focus on dance parties and gender identity seminars rather than banking. The fact that these so-called bankers were able to operate in this manner for so long without repercussions is a complete disgrace. The federal government must intervene and take action to hold these banks accountable for their actions. As citizens, we owe it to ourselves to ensure that these banks are held responsible for their irresponsible conduct because the American people deserve better.

Written by Staff Reports

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