Ukrainian Sniper Shatters World Record, Nails Russian Target From 2.5 Miles Out!

A Ukrainian sniper has just gone and knocked a Russian soldier out from a whopping 2½ miles away using a top-of-the-line rifle called “Horizon’s Lord.” This incredible shot has shattered the world record for the longest sniper kill, and it’s got folks in Ukraine cheering like their favorite team just won the Super Bowl!

That crack shot sniper used a Volodar Obriyu rifle – also known as “Horizon’s Lord” – made right in Ukraine to take out that enemy soldier from a jaw-dropping 3,800 meters away, which is about more than 40 US football fields! That’s one heck of a distance to pick off a bad guy, let me tell you.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) isn’t shy about singing their sniper’s praises, calling it a “new world record” and boasting about how their sharpshooter took out an “orc” – their not-so-nice way of saying a Russian soldier – from 3.8 km away. They’re even saying that SBU snipers are “changing the rules of world sniping” with their fantastic long-distance skills. You go, Ukraine!

What’s even wilder is that grainy footage of this record-breaking shot has been making the rounds on Telegram, showing two figures in the crosshairs and then dropping to the ground after three shots are fired. It’s like something out of a Hollywood action movie, but this is the real deal, folks!

Now, this isn’t the first time the Ukrainian military has shown off their sniper skills. Just last November, they claimed to have recorded the second-longest combat kill in history after one of their snipers took down a Russian soldier from 1.68 miles away. And they’ve even got the video to prove it!

So, keep your eyes on Ukraine, folks, because these snipers are making waves with their record-breaking shots and showing the world what they’re made of!

Written by Staff Reports

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