Union Revolt in Wisconsin Threatens Biden’s Grip on Swing State

President Joe Biden is facing a major challenge in Wisconsin as an unexpected group, the Listen to Wisconsin campaign, is gaining traction and support among union members. This is a significant concern for Biden, considering that he only won Wisconsin by a narrow margin in the 2020 election. The campaign is urging Democrats to vote “uninstructed” in the upcoming primary to send a message about their anti-war stance, particularly their opposition to the U.S. support for the conflict in Gaza.

The campaign has garnered backing from various union members, including the Milwaukee Area Labor Council and the union representing faculty and staff at the University of Wisconsin. These union members are discontent with what they consider to be mere superficial changes in Biden’s messaging regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict. Their dissatisfaction stems from their belief that Biden’s actions do not reflect genuine efforts to address the situation.

Furthermore, the “uninstructed” vote movement has garnered support from immigrant and low-wage workers, a demographic that Biden is actively attempting to court in crucial swing states like Wisconsin and Michigan. Some Latino voters are using the “uninstructed” vote to express their dissatisfaction with Biden’s perceived shift towards stricter border policies, particularly concerning asylum-seekers.

The Listen to Wisconsin campaign has the backing of 20 elected officials in the state, posing a significant obstacle for the Biden campaign, which had previously touted the President as “the most pro-union president in history.” This shift in union sentiment is particularly concerning for Biden, as he had received an endorsement from the United Auto Workers union and had vowed to support union workers and their interests.

In short, the Listen to Wisconsin campaign has emerged as a significant hurdle for President Biden in a crucial swing state. The campaign’s support from union members and elected officials, as well as its appeal to immigrant and low-wage workers, poses a formidable challenge to Biden’s efforts to maintain and expand his voter base.

Written by Staff Reports

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