US & Allies Face Houthi Threat: ‘Let Hamas Thrive’ or Face Endless Attacks!

The Houthi terrorists, backed by Iran, are once again threatening the stability of the Red Sea. In response to a coalition created by U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to stop Houthi pirate attacks on shipping vessels in the region, the Houthis have declared their intention to turn the Red Sea into a “graveyard.” These terrorists have been wreaking havoc in Yemen since 2014 and have now set their sights on Israel, launching attacks on Israel-bound or Israeli-owned ships until Israel ceases its self-defense operations in Gaza.

It is important to remember the context in which these attacks are taking place. Hamas, a Sunni jihadist terror group, unleashed a wave of atrocities in Israel, including mass rape, killings of entire families, torture of children, and corpse desecration. Israel’s defensive response against Hamas is justified, yet the Houthis have chosen to side with Hamas and support its goal of destroying Israel.

The Houthi threat to disrupt global trade by targeting ships in the Red Sea is a serious concern. Approximately 12 percent of global trade passes through this vital waterway. Already, companies are taking precautions by redirecting their ships or modifying their operations to protect against Houthi attacks. This is yet another consequence of the Biden administration’s misguided decision to remove the Houthis from America’s list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, essentially enabling their terrorism.

The Houthis’ slogan, “Allahu akbar, death to the United States, death to Israel, curse the Jews, victory for Islam,” speaks volumes about their extremist ideology and their alignment with Iran, which is the world’s main state sponsor of terrorism. It is imperative that the United States and its allies confront this threat and protect shipping in the region. Defense Secretary Austin has mobilized a multinational coalition to address the Houthi menace, but it is clear that these terrorists are determined to continue their attacks regardless of the sacrifices they cost.

The situation in Yemen is dire, with the Houthis diverting humanitarian aid away from civilians and fueling man-made famine and disease outbreaks. They also forcibly enlist children into their terrorist activities. This is not a group that can be reasoned with or appeased. The international community must stand firm against the Houthi aggression and support Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorist organizations like Hamas.

As the coalition to defend shipping in the Red Sea grows, with countries like Norway, the United Kingdom, Spain, the Seychelles, and Bahrain heeding the call, it is important to remain vigilant and resolute. The Houthis must be stopped, and their terrorist activities must not be tolerated. The safety and security of global trade and the stability of the region depend on it.

Written by Staff Reports

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