US Constitution Under Siege by Progressive Ideologies

In the United States, there are concerns that the Constitution, the fundamental document that shapes our government and protects our rights, is under attack from various ideologies such as progressivism, communism, globalism, and sharia law. These forces are seen as threats to the principles of classical liberalism, natural law, property rights, and individual and state sovereignty that the Constitution upholds. It is argued that progressive movements leaning towards socialism are akin to fascism, with violence becoming intertwined with their goals.

Globalism, the push towards supranational government bodies that may not be directly accountable to the people, is also highlighted as a danger. The fear is that such organizations, like the EU and the UN, may erode national sovereignty and individual rights. Additionally, concerns are raised about the imposition of sharia law, a legal system that merges politics and religion and is seen as incompatible with Western values.

Criticism is directed towards international agreements like the WHO’s Pandemic Agreement and the Paris Agreement, which are viewed as attempts to exert control over nations and economies at the expense of individual freedoms and economic stability. There are calls for the US government to resist funding initiatives that go against the country’s values and historical principles, such as Marxist critical theory and climate change policies that are perceived as damaging to traditional industries.

Suggestions are made to limit federal government spending on programs that are deemed unconstitutional or outside of the government’s legitimate powers. The role of Congress in passing legislation is emphasized, with calls for greater accountability and oversight over executive orders and regulations that may overstep constitutional boundaries. The importance of upholding the right to life, as enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, is highlighted, particularly in the context of abortion laws and decisions like Roe v. Wade.

Overall, the article advocates for a return to strict adherence to the Constitution, a reduction in government size and spending, and a rejection of ideologies and policies that are seen as antithetical to American values and principles. It warns of the potential consequences of straying from these foundational beliefs and calls for swift and decisive action to preserve the integrity of the US Constitution and the freedoms it guarantees to all citizens.

Written by Staff Reports

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