US Women’s Soccer Star BLASTED For Opposing Women’s Rights In Sports

Megan Rapinoe, a professional soccer athlete, is one of the 40 athletes who signed a letter to House lawmakers expressing their opposition to the Protection of Women in Sports Act. The proposed legislation aims to prevent transgender athletes from competing in women's sports, which, according to the letter, would deprive women and girls of essential "mental and physical health benefits." The letter was organized by Athlete Ally, a pro-LGBTQ+ organization, which sent it to lawmakers.

According to the athletes' letter, the transgender exclusion bill fails to safeguard women in sports. The athletes contend that achieving gender equality in sports is essential, and policymakers should prioritize resolving the long-standing issues faced by female athletes, such as unequal pay, abuse and mistreatment, inconsistent enforcement of Title IX, and inadequate opportunities and equity for girls with disabilities and girls from marginalized communities.

The letter explicitly states that the athletes desire to prevent transgender and intersex children from experiencing the isolation, exclusion, and marginalization that H.R. 734 seeks to legalize. Nevertheless, numerous states, such as Kansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Oklahoma, have implemented legislation barring transgender athletes from competing in public schools and universities.

Heritage Action, a conservative advocacy group, has designated the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act of 2023 as a significant vote on its comprehensive scorecard for lawmakers. The bill, proposed by Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville (R) and Florida Representative Greg Steube (R), aims to bolster Title IX safeguards to preserve women's sports from participation by biological males who identify as females.

Senator Tuberville contended that the Biden administration's decision to permit biological males to compete in women's sports sidelines female athletes, depriving them of the unparalleled benefits of a level playing field. According to the senator, this policy is unjust, hazardous, and incorrect. He maintained that allowing girls and women in sports to succumb to the radical left's agenda is unacceptable, and action must be taken.

It is ironic that Rapinoe is one of the athletes who endorsed the letter considering that she was one of the hundreds of female athletes who called on the United States Supreme Court to uphold abortion rights. They claimed that having a baby would have interfered with their career endeavors. Yet, they are now fighting for the rights of male-to-female transgender athletes to participate in women’s sports, despite their inherent physical advantages.

It seems that these athletes are more interested in promoting liberal social ideologies than in addressing the issues that female athletes have been battling for decades. Their actions undermine the very equality that they purport to support. It is time for lawmakers to support bills like the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act, which aims to protect the interests of women athletes.

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