WATCH: Mark Levin DEMANDS special counsel for corrupt Biden family deals

The mainstream media’s refusal to investigate the Biden family’s alleged involvement in shady business deals has been a source of frustration for conservative commentator Mark Levin. This Mother’s Day, Levin used his platform on Fox News to demand the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the matter.

Levin spoke passionately about the need for transparency and accountability, highlighting concerns about corruption and foreign influence in the Biden family’s dealings. He pointed to the family’s extensive ties to foreign governments, particularly the Communist Chinese regime, and raised questions about how a career public servant like Joe Biden was able to afford multiple luxurious properties.

According to Levin, over $10 million has flowed through more than 20 companies linked to the Biden family, including three of his grandchildren. The establishment of numerous limited liability companies (LLCs) has raised suspicions of potential money laundering and concealment of financial activities. Levin criticized the media’s lack of curiosity on the matter and accused the Democrat Party of “circling the wagons.”

But Levin did not stop there. He also called out the FBI for withholding relevant files and impeding congressional investigations into whistleblower allegations of Joe Biden’s acceptance of bribes during his time as Vice President. The House Oversight and Accountability Committee’s findings showed that the Biden family and its associates received substantial amounts of cash from foreign nationals during Joe Biden’s tenure, with connections to individuals with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

Levin challenged Attorney General Merrick Garland’s silence on the matter and expressed dismay at the lack of interest from the media. He criticized the purpose of LLCs typically to protect individuals’ privacy, but 20 of such companies for distributing funds within the Biden family indicates illusive and unethical behavior.

In the end, Levin demanded action. “We have a very serious problem in this country,” he said. “The question is whether Joe Biden is a crook and whether Joe Biden has been bought and paid for by the communist Chinese and other governments. It is mind-boggling to me how the Attorney General of the United States has gotten away with this.” In Levin’s view, the appointment of a special counsel is necessary to address potential threats to American national security and to ensure transparency and accountability in government.

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