Whistleblowers Expose Coverup in D.C. National Guard Misconduct

Four individuals who were once part of the D.C. National Guard spoke up about some troubling things during their time in the service at a recent House Oversight Committee meeting.

One of the individuals, Command Sergeant Major Michael Brooks, worked with the Compliance and Adjudication Division. He mentioned that he served in the D.C. National Guard for several years and reported to different leaders, including Major General William J. Walker. Brooks expressed doubts about the accuracy of a report by the DOD’s IG and hinted at a possible coverup happening behind the scenes.

It’s important to note that these claims made by the whistleblowers are concerning, as they indicate possible misconduct and lack of transparency within the military. The idea that individuals in leadership positions may be trying to protect themselves rather than taking responsibility is troubling.

The testimonies shed light on the confusion and delays that occurred on January 6, particularly in relation to the response from the National Guard. The veterans mentioned that there was a readiness to assist but the authorization to act was delayed, leaving the Capitol vulnerable for hours.

It is crucial for the truth to come out and for accountability to be upheld within our military institutions. The safety and security of our nation should never be compromised due to bureaucratic red tape or political agendas. It is essential for those in power to prioritize the well-being of our country over personal interests.

Written by Staff Reports

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