Yellen’s Showdown: Will She Reveal Biden’s Bribery Secrets?

The House Oversight Committee is currently engaged in a battle with the Biden administration over the allegations of corruption involving the president's son Hunter and his business activities. Despite the committee's efforts, it seems that the White House is more concerned with hiding the truth than releasing it.

In response to the allegations of corruption involving the Biden family, the Committee sent a letter to Janet Yellen, the Treasury Secretary, demanding that she turn over all of the suspicious activity reports related to Burisma. The Committee is focused on uncovering the details of the scheme and exposing the wrongdoing of the Bidens.

The Committee has uncovered evidence that shows that during his time as the Vice President, Biden received a bribe from an overseas source in exchange for various actions. This is in line with the Committee's ongoing investigation into his family's business transactions, which have revealed that they have been greatly benefited from foreign sources.

The committee is concerned about the allegations and believes that they could threaten the country's security. Foreign nationals who are interested in influencing prominent political figures through their business connections should be considered a threat.

Apart from the SARs, Congress is also working on introducing legislation to strengthen the financial and ethical disclosure requirements for the relatives of US presidents and vice presidents. The Committee is dedicated to safeguarding the country's interests and national security.

In response to the requests for the return of all the suspicious activity reports related to the Biden family, the Committee has asked the Treasury Secretary to provide them with the necessary information by July 12.

It's clear that Secretary Janet Yellen is trying to find a way to avoid turning over the documents that the Committee has requested. This is similar to the way the House Judiciary Committee threatened Christopher Wray, the FBI director, with contempt if he didn't provide the requested materials. Despite the lack of documents, the pressure eventually forced the agency to make some disclosures.

Critics believe that the investigations conducted by the Republican-controlled House Judiciary Committee are limited and can't be used to arrest or imprison people. However, they are starting to make progress. They have started to put a lot of pressure on Biden, and even the biased news outlets are starting to ask uncomfortable questions about him.

The Committee must reveal the damaging information it has uncovered due to the Department of Justice's stance on investigating what appears to be corruption. The SARs request could add to the growing list of pieces to the puzzle.

Bob Hoge is a conservative small-business owner who contributes to RedState. Although his Covid beard may have recently been removed due to his wife's intervention, he is still determined to uncover the truth behind the allegations. He can be reached on Twitter @BobHogeCA.

The allegations involving the Biden family should be thoroughly investigated and those involved held accountable. It's time to expose the truth about their wrongdoing and ensure that no one is above the law.

Source: Red State

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