You Won’t Believe What WaPo Is Saying About ‘Defunding the Police’ Now…

The liberal Washington Post has had a dramatic change of heart when it comes to their stance on police. After years of pushing the radical progressive agenda of ‘defunding the police’ in the wake of the George Floyd riots, the outlet has now done a complete 180 and is now telling its readers that D.C. needs more police, not less.

This sudden shift in opinion is a direct result of the rising crime rates and violent shootings that have been plaguing the nation in recent years. The Post’s Editorial Board recently published a piece arguing “Why police officers need to be in D.C. schools” and called for an increased police presence in the D.C. area.

This change in opinion is a stark contrast to the Post’s June 2020 editorial which stated that “Defund the police” was a “welcome call to reimagine public safety in the United States” and that “Rethinking which institutions truly serve public safety and imagining new ones should be part of that conversation.”

It’s no surprise that the liberal media has been pushing this radical agenda for years, branding anyone who argued against it as ‘racist.’ But now that crime rates are soaring and violent shootings are on the rise, it appears that the Washington Post has finally realized that defunding the police is not the answer.

It’s about time that the liberal media starts to recognize the importance of law enforcement in keeping our communities safe. Conservatives have been pushing back against this dangerous agenda for years, yet their voices were silenced by the left-wing media. Thankfully, the Washington Post has finally seen the light and is now advocating for more police presence, not less.

It’s time for other liberal outlets to follow suit and recognize that defunding the police is not the answer to our nation’s crime problem. We need more law enforcement officers in our communities, not fewer, if we want to keep our citizens safe. The Washington Post’s change of heart is a step in the right direction, but it’s only the beginning of a much larger conversation.

Written by Staff Reports

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