Young Activists Challenge Abortion Views Ahead of 2024 Elections

Young people are not just in favor of abortion. Some are taking a stand for the unborn. In 2024, the election could be focused on abortion, with various state ballot initiatives and the strongly pro-abortion stance of President Joe Biden. Young people associated with the pro-life organization Created Equal are working to change hearts and minds in their communities when it comes to abortion. They recently held an information session at the First Baptist Church of Gahanna, Ohio, where they used a Created Equal video to educate troop members and adult leaders of American Heritage Girls’ Troop 1031. This session was a prelude to engaging in conversations about abortion within the Gahanna community.

The group uses graphic imagery of aborted fetuses to give viewers a real understanding of the brutality of abortion. Created Equal’s approach is to highlight three main points: that it is morally wrong to intentionally kill innocent human beings, elective abortion intentionally kills innocent human beings, and therefore, elective abortion is wrong. They also utilize the SLED argument, which discusses abortion in terms of Size, Level of development, Environment, and Degree of Dependency.

The session also included role-playing scenarios to prepare members for engaging with pro-abortion individuals in the community. Livvy Brohard, a member of Created Equal, emphasized the importance of voting pro-life to align with one’s morals. She critiqued the manipulation of young people into believing that abortion is a human right and healthcare, contrary to the truth. Created Equal aims to combat these misconceptions by changing hearts and minds, particularly on college campuses.

In Ohio, the state recently passed an extreme ballot initiative, Issue One, which permits abortion up until the moment of birth and undermines parental rights. Created Equal is committed to challenging these laws and advocating for the rights of the unborn. Through outreach efforts at abortion facilities and college campuses, the organization continues its mission to engage with individuals and have crucial conversations about abortion.

Additionally, beyond the training session, a troop event was organized to make baby blankets for donation to a local maternity home, reflecting the group’s commitment to supporting mothers and babies. Further, Created Equal recently held Day of Action events in Ohio, including on college campuses, to promote their cause and engage with the public. For those seeking more information on how to discuss the abortion issue, they can visit, a resource that focuses on providing guidance without using abortion victim imagery.

In conclusion, despite the prevailing pro-abortion narrative among young people, organizations like Created Equal are actively working to present an alternative perspective and advocate for the rights of the unborn. Their efforts include education, activism, and outreach to challenge misconceptions and spark meaningful conversations about the issue of abortion.

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