Youngkin Sends VA National Guard to Border: Taking Charge While Others Talk

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) has proven once again that he is a leader who puts his state and country first. On Wednesday, Youngkin announced that he is sending the state’s National Guard to the southern border to help Texas confront the still ongoing issue.

This move by Youngkin comes at a critical time when illegal immigrants continue to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, despite Title 8 now being enforced now that Title 42 is no longer being applied by Border Patrol. This influx of illegal immigrants not only puts a strain on the resources of Texas but also poses a great security threat to the nation as a whole.

Youngkin’s decision to send the Virginia National Guard is a clear message that he is willing to assist other states in controlling the border situation. Virginia joins states like Florida, Idaho, and Mississippi who have already sent their Guardsmen to lessen the load the Texas National Guard has been carrying since the start of the crisis in 2021.

It is comforting to see governors like Youngkin who take a tough stance on the border issue. His recent trip to Texas to get a briefing about the situation at the southern border shows that he is not just someone who talks the talk, but also someone who walks the walk.

Overall, Governor Youngkin’s decision to send the Virginia National Guard is a much-needed step towards securing the southern border. Virginia is doing its part to assist the State of Texas’ efforts with the coordinated deployment of Virginia National Guard soldiers to assist in key aspects of their mission. Conservative Americans across the nation are applauding Youngkin’s leadership in this critical matter and hope that other governors will follow his lead in securing our borders.

Written by Staff Reports

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