Gaetz Shuts Down Taxpayer-Funded Drag Show on Air Force Base

Representative Matt Gaetz has achieved another triumph by successfully putting a stop to a drag show labeled as “child-friendly” that was scheduled to take place at Nevada’s Nellis Air Force Base. Gaetz confronted Pentagon leaders who initially denied their support for such shows, demanding explanations. In a significant announcement on Twitter, he declared this as a major victory and advocated against the use of taxpayer funds for organizing drag shows on military installations.

The Nellis LGBTQ+ Pride Council Facebook page has confirmed the cancellation of the drag show, which had been planned as part of their annual Pride Month celebrations at the Air Force base. The group had previously organized various Pride events such as a panel discussion called “Paint with Pride,” a color run at the gym, a mixer, and a commemoration walk. However, they have now clarified that they will not be hosting a drag show.

In previous instances, Representative Matt Gaetz raised concerns to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley regarding their stance on drag queen events occurring at military bases. Initially, Austin and Milley claimed to be unaware of any such shows taking place. However, Gaetz presented them with compelling evidence, including news articles highlighting various drag queen events held on military bases. Eventually, Austin and Milley confirmed that they did not support the hosting of these events on military bases.

In May, Gaetz further expressed his doubts by sending a letter to Austin and Milley, questioning their intentions regarding a drag show scheduled for June 1st at Nellis Air Force Base. Despite prior approval from Air Force leaders, Austin and Milley emphasized that Department of Defense (DOD) policy opposed the use of funds for drag shows on military bases. As a result, the show was canceled in response to their statements.

An Air Force official disclosed to NBC News that commanders have been issued clear instructions to discontinue all drag events taking place on military installations and facilities. The Department of Defense has reaffirmed its definitive stance that federal funds cannot be allocated to organize such events in any military facility, as it is deemed a misuse of DOD resources. Representative Matt Gaetz’s proposition to cease financial assistance to Ukraine, a country considered to be a national security concern, is viewed favorably.

Fortunately, Rep. Gaetz has effectively championed family values and fiscal responsibility by successfully urging the military to put an end to these inappropriate drag performances.

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