9-Year-Old Slams Flip-Flopper Haley: New ‘John Kerry’?

It looks like even the little ones are jumping on the Nikki Haley hate train. At a recent event in New Hampshire, a sassy 9-year-old took the microphone and told Haley that she’s “basically the new John Kerry,” referring to her flip-flopping on Donald Trump. 

Haley, who was Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations, tried to laugh it off, but the burn from the young kid must’ve stung. The child even asked her how she could “change your opinion like that in just eight years,” and if she would pardon Trump. 

Haley admitted that she’s been catching flak from both “anti-Trumpers” and “pro-Trumpers” for her stance on the former president, claiming she agrees with a lot of his policies, but doesn’t think he’s the right president to move forward. 

According to RealClearPolitics, Trump is leading the pack at a whopping 62.5 percent nationally. And in New Hampshire, he’s still way ahead of Haley at 46.3 percent to her 24.8 percent. 

The rest of the Republican field is also turning their fire on her. Even Chris Christie, who she claims is “obsessed” with Trump, has taken a break from attacking the former president just to go after her. 

So, it seems like Haley is getting it from all sides. And even though she’s shown some improvement in the polls, it looks like she’s hit her ceiling. The field is united on one thing: she’s not the woman to carry on either Trump’s legacy or move the Republican Party forward. 


Written by Staff Reports

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