Biden Blunder: 3rd Oil Refinery Fire Skyrockets Fuel Prices

In yet another catastrophic blaze, the third largest oil refinery in America has been completely destroyed, creating a huge mess for the Biden administration to clean up. The Marathon Petroleum plant in Garyville, Louisiana, went up in flames on Friday and continued to smolder into Saturday, leaving behind a trail of destruction that officials confirm will render the plant useless going forward.

The fire broke out early on Friday morning, creating dark billows of smoke that filled the sky. The authorities wasted no time in mandating an evacuation for those living within a two-mile radius. Thankfully, there were no reported casualties, but this incident raises serious concerns about the safety of these industrial complexes under the Biden administration’s watch.

It’s worth noting that this is the THIRD fire to hit the plant in less than a year. One has to wonder what safety measures, if any, were put in place by the Biden administration to prevent such disasters. It seems like they are too busy pushing their radical climate change agenda to prioritize the safety of American citizens and the functioning of our country’s critical infrastructure.

Officials disclosed that a “naphtha release and a fire at one of the refinery’s storage tanks” were the cause of this massive incident. Naphtha, a hazardous variant of petrol derived from crude oil, is widely used in the chemical sector. So, not only did we see an oil refinery go up in flames, but we also had to deal with the potential release of dangerous chemicals into the environment. How does the Biden administration plan to address such environmental disasters? Are they just going to brush it aside as a necessary sacrifice for their climate change ambitions?

As news of this refinery’s destruction spread, the impact on fuel prices was immediately felt. Diesel and gasoline futures skyrocketed to a seven-month high in New York. This means that hardworking Americans will have to bear the burden of increased fuel costs while the Biden administration continues to prioritize their climate agenda over the needs of the people. It’s clear that the Biden presidency has brought nothing but pain at the pump for everyday Americans, and it shows no sign of getting better.

This incident threatens to worsen the already scarce distillate reserves as the country prepares for increased fuel demand during the harvest and winter heating seasons. It’s almost as if the Biden administration doesn’t care about the struggles of everyday Americans or the potential consequences of their disastrous policies. Instead of focusing on lowering fuel prices and ensuring energy security for the nation, they are more interested in virtue signaling to the international community.

Once again, we are witnessing the failures of the Biden administration in managing our country’s critical infrastructure. It’s time for real leadership that prioritizes the needs of the American people over radical climate change agendas. Otherwise, we can expect more disasters like this, leaving Americans to pay the price both at the pump and in their everyday lives.

Written by Staff Reports

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