Biden Delays Israel Arms, Critics Slam Move as Vote Ploy

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki recently spoke in support of President Joe Biden’s decision to delay a weapons shipment to Israel, suggesting that the United States had not used its leverage soon enough. She acknowledged that it’s uncommon for the U.S. to withhold weapons from allies, and highlighted the significance of the move given the longstanding military support between the U.S. and Israel. Psaki also mentioned the challenging relationship between Biden and Prime Minister Netanyahu and how it plays into these decisions.

Conservatives have criticized Biden for allegedly prioritizing the support of pro-Hamas demonstrators over America’s interests, with accusations of him doing so to gain votes in the upcoming 2024 presidential election, similar to the situation in Michigan during the primary. Concerns have been raised about the president’s appeal to young voters and the potential impact on America, as polls suggest that independent voters believe Biden’s second term will weaken the country. Additionally, other polls indicate a decline in the president’s popularity in comparison to former President Donald Trump. These factors contribute to mounting apprehensions about the direction of Biden’s presidency.

Written by Staff Reports

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