Biden-Harris Twitter Misleads Public with Selective Trump Interview Clip

The Biden-Harris HQ Twitter account continues to mislead and deceive the public by sharing a clip of former President Donald Trump’s interview without providing the full context. The interview, which occurred just a few days after Trump was found not guilty in a hush money “trial” and received applause at a UFC fight, shows Trump discussing the need to remove “woke” generals from the military. This clip was shared to make Trump look bad, but it actually resonated with many individuals who support Trump’s stance against “woke” culture in the military.

However, the Biden HQ conveniently left out other important parts of the interview where Trump praised the military and discussed the need to improve the lives of veterans. Co-host Pete Hegseth, an Army veteran, also raised concerns about the negative impact of “woke” priorities in the military. Trump’s comments about the need for military leaders who prioritize winning wars were in response to these concerns, but the clip shared by the Biden HQ did not include this important context.

The Biden HQ’s selective sharing of the clip exemplifies their ongoing efforts to twist the truth and misinform the public. It is important to look at the full picture and consider the entire interview before drawing any conclusions. This incident highlights the need to critically evaluate information and not rely solely on cherry-picked clips from biased sources.

Written by Staff Reports

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