Ernst Hot-Mic Quip Highlights Biden’s Habit of Embellishing Stories

Republican Senator Joni Ernst was caught in a hot-mic moment as she was leaving a conference focused on the border crisis. In the conversation captured on the hot mic, she made a quip about President Joe Biden, saying, “Bottom line, never trust a man whose uncle was eaten by cannibals.”

This comment was obviously a reference to remarks Biden made in April about his uncle, an Army Air Corps aviator who was shot down over Papua New Guinea during the war. Biden claimed that his uncle’s body was never found because there were cannibals in that part of New Guinea.

The quip from Senator Ernst drew amusement from some social media users, with one calling it “the greatest hot mic ever.” However, the comment shed light on Biden’s history of exaggerations and tall tales. These include claims about a 2004 house fire, an Amtrak conductor congratulating him, being arrested at civil rights protests, and presenting his Uncle Frank with a Purple Heart, all of which lack substantiating evidence.

The comment made by Senator Ernst is a reminder of Biden’s habit of stretching the truth. Despite the White House defending these statements as the president sharing “life experiences that have shaped his outlook,” it is clear that the president has a track record of embellishing stories.

The quip may have brought some light-hearted amusement, but it also underscored the pattern of dishonesty exhibited by the president. With the 2024 election on the horizon, it is crucial for Americans to be aware of the importance of electing leaders who value honesty and integrity.

Written by Staff Reports

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