Over 45 Lawmakers Report President Biden’s Mental Decline Since Taking Office

Over 45 lawmakers and officials mentioned to a news outlet that they have observed President Joe Biden’s mental abilities declining since he became president. The news caused a stir in Washington, with White House officials working to find supporters to dispute these claims. At 81 years old, President Biden faced criticism from many Americans who don’t think he should run for another term.

Some sources noted instances where President Biden seemed to lose his focus, heavily relied on notecards, and struggled to communicate clearly during discussions. While most of the people who talked to the news outlet were Republicans, a few Democrats also shared their concerns about Biden’s mental sharpness before changing their statements after pressure from the White House.

Republican Congressman Gregory Meeks expressed worries about President Biden’s mental abilities during meetings. However, he altered his comments after the White House contacted him. It’s important to consider the viewpoints of all sides, even if they differ from what was initially said.

Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy also shared his experiences with Biden during negotiations, highlighting the president’s struggles to stay on track and remember key points. McCarthy recalled a phone call where Biden appeared more alert but later reverted to discussing old topics. The White House pushed back on these accounts, suggesting that past statements from McCarthy and others praised Biden’s leadership skills.

It’s essential to evaluate the president’s actions and statements critically, especially in sensitive negotiations. The concerns raised by some lawmakers about Biden’s cognitive abilities warrant attention and further scrutiny.

Written by Staff Reports

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