Biden’s Censorship Crusade: Silencing Voices for Control

Ah, buckle up, folks – the liberal media is at it again, defending their dear leader, President Joe Biden, in their latest episode of spin and misinformation. CNN host Dana Bash recently attempted what she called an “important fact check” to justify Biden’s administration allegedly censoring independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Oh, the lengths they’ll go to cover up the left’s dirty deeds!

Now, let’s set the record straight here. Kennedy, a thorn in Biden’s side, had his social media accounts suspended on Instagram and Facebook right after Biden took office. But according to Bash, the Biden administration wasn’t directly behind this censorship. Oh no, they were just pushing social media giants to rid their platforms of what they deemed “false information” about COVID-19. Right, because we all know the Biden administration is the beacon of truth and transparency – give me a break!

In a recent CNN interview clip, Kennedy rightly called out Biden for his administration’s censorship tactics. He exposed Biden’s power-hungry move to silence his political critics by pressuring Big Tech to play along. It’s a classic liberal move – if you can’t beat them with facts and logic, just shut them up with censorship and control. But hey, who needs free speech when you have a liberal agenda to push, right?

Kennedy, a former Democratic candidate now running as an independent, isn’t backing down. He even brought on a Silicon Valley lawyer, Nicole Shanahan, as his running mate for the 2024 election. Together, they’re challenging the oppressive grip of left-wing censorship and promoting freedom of speech – a refreshing change from the Biden regime’s iron-fisted tactics.

And just when you thought the liberal censorship couldn’t get any worse, Kennedy floated the idea of a government-run social media platform. That’s right, folks, the same government that can’t seem to get anything right wants to control what you see and say online. It’s the ultimate power grab, straight out of the liberal playbook – control the narrative, control the people.

In conclusion, the biased media may try to paint a rosy picture of Biden’s administration, but the truth is clear as day. Biden and his liberal cronies will stop at nothing to silence dissenting voices and push their radical agenda. So, hold on tight, patriots – the battle for freedom of speech is far from over!

Written by Staff Reports

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