Biden’s Refusal to Negotiate Debt Limit Draws Concern from Democrat Allies

Concerns are mounting among President Biden’s allies as he remains firm on not negotiating the debt limit, insisting that Congress pass a clean bill without any attached conditions or provisions. This approach has resulted in a lack of urgency, causing worry about a potential default on the United States’ obligations in just a few weeks. Meanwhile, Republicans have already proposed a plan to raise the debt limit while addressing inflation and economic issues through reduced spending. 

Democratic representatives are urging Biden to start negotiating before it’s too late, emphasizing the importance of negotiation and moving away from legislating by crisis. With the default deadline rapidly approaching, Rep. Debbie Dingell highlights that waiting is not an option for the White House.

Biden’s fellow party members are reminding him of his past willingness to negotiate, with Massachusetts Democrat Rep. Marchy Kaptur even suggesting that he and Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy should sit down and work towards a solution for the benefit of the country. However, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin criticized Biden for lacking leadership in the matter and credited McCarthy for proposing a solution that could prevent default and curb federal spending.

As the risk of a historic default looms over the United States, the urgency for negotiation intensifies. The only bill currently being considered by Congress to prevent default is the GOP proposal put forth by McCarthy. Therefore, it is crucial for Biden to step up and engage in negotiations before it becomes too late for the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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