Liberal NYC Mayor declares war on meat

The Left’s war on Americans’ daily lives continues, and this time it’s the beloved hamburger that’s under attack. Mayor Eric Adams has taken it upon himself to extirpate animal protein from city-run facilities, with meat increasingly absent from menus. According to a recent essay in the New Republic by Jan Dutkiewicz and Gabriel Rosenberg, conservatives are wrong to assume that policies designed to limit meat consumption represent an effort to reduce the public’s meat consumption.

It’s time to face the truth; the Left is out to ban meat. Don’t forget, all food is not created equal, and the vast majority of food that contributes to our emissions crisis lies in meat and dairy products, according to the mayor. However, we must not be fooled by the Left’s “backward causality” typical of activists who insist that limiting the public’s protein intake is the only way to avert catastrophic climate change.

The Left has made our steak a “culture-war issue,” and conservatives have noticed and are fighting back against this attempt to impose new cultural standards on the public from above. The Left insists that their efforts to put limits on our diets, and the food we enjoy is not an assault on our everyday lives, but conservatives know the truth. They want to regulate everything put on our grills while ignoring the more pressing issues affecting our nation, such as legalized infanticide.

Americans should not give up their love of burgers and steaks. The average liberal today would love nothing more than to drown us in lectures about how bad meat is for the earth and how Independence Day is a racist holiday. It’s time to wake up and fight back against these meat Nazis who want to regulate every aspect of our lives, and always remember that conservatives hold the moral ground on this issue.

In conclusion, we must stay alert and keep in mind that the Left has a “religious conviction” in the righteousness of their crusade against meat, but their convictions dissolve into cowardice whenever their advocacy makes contact with a skeptical audience. Americans must stand firm, protect their love of meat, and expose the absurdity of the Left’s agenda.

Written by Staff Reports

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