Biden’s Taiwan Betrayal: Does Anyone Even Care?

In a recent interview on CNBC, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen made some concerning comments regarding China’s desire to directly rule Taiwan. Instead of standing up for Taiwan’s self-governance, Yellen seemed to support the Chinese position. This is a clear sell-out of Taiwan by the Biden administration, and surprisingly, it went unnoticed by many.

This sell-out comes on the heels of President Biden and California Governor Gavin Newsom rolling out the red carpet for Chinese dictator Xi Jinping during the annual APEC conference in San Francisco. The scenes were reminiscent of Beijing, and it’s disheartening to see our leaders bowing down to China rather than standing strong for American values.

Yellen’s comments are especially troubling when you consider what peaceful unification with China looks like. Just take a look at Hong Kong, where tanks rolled in and protesters were thrown in prison for fighting for their basic rights. China has a track record of suppressing freedom and democracy, and there’s no reason to believe they would treat Taiwan any differently. Yellen should know better, but instead, she seems to be pushing the Chinese agenda.

What is even more concerning is why the Biden administration is so eager to please China. What does China have on them? It’s disturbing to see the United States trying so hard to gain the approval of a genocidal maniac like Xi Jinping. Democrats love to criticize Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un, but at least nothing was given up in that process. When it comes to China, Biden and his cabinet members are making dangerous concessions to a formidable adversary.

China not only wants to cripple the United States but also has the capability to do so. With the world’s largest navy and an influential manufacturing base, China could bring American supply chains to their knees. We should be focusing on reducing our dependence on China, not doing their bidding on the global stage. Yellen’s comments make it sound like she’s a spokesperson for the Chinese Communist Party, which is deeply concerning.

It’s disappointing to see the Biden administration prioritize their own interests over America’s security and principles. This sell-out of Taiwan should not go unnoticed, and it’s time for Americans to hold our leaders accountable. We need strong leadership that stands up to our adversaries, not one that bows down to them.

Written by Staff Reports

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