Biden’s Team Panics, Fails to Hide His Cognitive Decline

In a desperate attempt to defend Joe Biden, the Biden team sent out their campaign surrogate and personal lawyer to hit the Sunday shows. But instead of making things better, they just made things worse. It’s almost comical how they expect us to ignore the evidence right in front of us and believe their manipulative tactics. I mean, come on! Biden can’t even remember when he was vice president, and they want us to think that’s normal? Give us a break!

First, we had White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House Counsel spokesperson, and Jill Biden herself all coming to Biden’s defense. But their efforts were painful to watch and reeked of desperation. And let’s not forget the White House Counsel’s attempt to influence an independent probe by pressuring the Special Counsel to revise his report. Talk about shady tactics!

But the real disaster came when Biden’s Campaign Co-Chair, Senator Chris Coons, tried to downplay Biden’s numerous memory lapses. Sorry, but mistaking the president of Egypt for the president of Mexico is not just an innocent slip-up. We’re talking about a man who struggles to remember the basic details of his own son’s death. That’s not just a “senior moment,” that’s a serious concern.

To make matters worse, ABC’s Jonathan Karl confronted Coons with even more examples of Biden’s cognitive decline. From not knowing the name of Hamas to mistakenly claiming he spoke to a deceased world leader, the evidence is overwhelming. And it’s not just conservatives who see it; an ABC poll shows that over 80 percent of Americans think Biden is too old. That’s a stunning level of agreement on anything in today’s divided society.

But instead of taking responsibility for Biden’s obvious mental decline, Coons tried to blame the media and deflect attention to border security. Nice try, but the American people aren’t buying it. They know that Trump had a strong record on border security, while Biden’s approach has been a complete disaster. And let’s not forget the chaos, economic downturn, and increased military conflicts under Biden’s leadership. It’s clear that his administration is failing on all fronts.

But perhaps the most telling moment was when Biden’s personal lawyer, Bob Bauer, went on “Face the Nation” and denied any memory issues with the President. Seriously? We’ve all seen the videos, we’ve all witnessed Biden struggling to form coherent sentences. To deny what is so blatantly obvious is a slap in the face to the American people.

In the end, this Sunday show debacle only highlighted Biden’s declining cognitive abilities and the desperate attempts by his team to cover it up. Sorry, but no amount of spin can change the facts. Biden is not fit to be president, and the American people know it. It’s time for him to step aside and let someone capable take the reins.

Written by Staff Reports

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