Bold GOP Rep. Introduces Resolution to Remove Adam Schiff from the House

In a bold move, Republican Florida Rep. Anna Paulina Luna has introduced a resolution to remove Adam Schiff, the Democratic California Rep., from the U.S. House of Representatives. Can you believe this guy? Schiff consistently spread lies and propaganda during the Trump administration’s Russian collusion investigation, which ultimately cost taxpayers millions of dollars. Now, thanks to the Durham Report, we know the Russian collusion was a hoax from the beginning, and Schiff knowingly used his platform to push a false narrative and try to divide our country even further.

The Durham Report, which relies on facts and evidence, is clear: the FBI’s probe into Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia was launched using “uncorroborated intelligence.” Yet, Schiff, and his fellow Democrats in Congress, refused to acknowledge this truth. Instead, they continued to insinuate, even after being disproven, that there was foul play involved in the 2016 election. It’s clear that Adam Schiff is unfit to be a public servant, and Rep. Paulina Luna deserves our respect for taking action against his failure.

In his report, Special Counsel John Durham exposes how the federal government and Intelligence Community never had any actual evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians. It’s about time that the leftist partisans in Congress, Schiff included, are held responsible for their disgraceful behavior in what amounted to nothing more than a witch hunt. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, for one, is doing his part by calling on Durham to testify before the committee on May 25th. We can only hope that this resolution proposed by Rep. Paulina Luna passes, and that Schiff will no longer be able to corrupt our institutions with his lies.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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