CBS’s Freudian Slip Unveils Truth About Joe Biden – Hilarious!

In a recent joint press conference with leaders from South Korea and Japan, Joe Biden had a rough time. He appeared confused and out of touch, stumbling through his scripted remarks and even forgetting the title of the Prime Minister of Japan. To top it off, he accidentally ripped his earpiece out when he tried to leave the podium. Not only did he not shake hands or acknowledge the other leaders, but he also launched into an attack on former President Donald Trump and the concept of “America First.” It was a disaster from start to finish.

This incident only adds to concerns about Biden’s mental state and his plummeting approval ratings. Multiple polls have shown that former President Donald Trump would beat him in a rematch. It seems like the Democrats are starting to panic about how to handle the Biden situation. In fact, a recent Fox poll found that most Americans don’t think Biden will be re-elected. While it’s hard to predict the future, CBS may have some insider knowledge. They made a Freudian slip in a recent post, suggesting that they believe Biden won’t last much longer in office. The post has since been deleted, but it’s clear that there are doubts about Biden’s future.

Overall, it’s clear that Biden’s confusion is getting worse, and it’s not a good sign for our country. We need a strong and competent leader, not someone who can’t even remember who they’re meeting with or keep their earpiece in place. It’s time for the voters to make a change and put someone in office who can actually get things done.

Written by Staff Reports

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