Congressman Salutes GOP Humor with Scathing Biden Christmas Display!

In a hilarious and witty Christmas decoration competition, Republican Congressman Mike Collins took aim at President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. Collins proudly displayed photos of his festive display outside his office in the Longworth House Office Building in Washington, leaving no doubt about his views on the Biden family.

One of the standout features of Collins’ display was a life-size cardboard cutout of Hunter Biden holding a sign that read, “Let It Snow.” Now, the sign may seem innocent at first glance, but it was actually a clever reference to Hunter’s well-known cocaine habit. Yes, you heard that right. Apparently, cocaine is often consumed in the form of white powder. Collins clearly didn’t miss this opportunity to poke fun at the Biden family’s less-than-wholesome reputation.

But Collins didn’t stop there. His office also featured a Christmas tree adorned with tributes to his home state of Georgia and gifts from the Chinese dictator, Xi Jinping, to “The Big Guy” and “Quid Pro Joe.” The New York Post reported that “The Big Guy” was a nickname used by Hunter when referring to his father during his shady dealings with the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma. And under the tree, there was even a bag of coal addressed to Hamas, a playful jab at the Biden administration’s questionable approach to the conflict between Israel and the Islamic terrorist group.

Now, you may think that Collins was only targeting Democrats with his decorations, but that’s not the case. The tree also featured an ornament with a popular “Simpsons” meme that Collins had previously shared during the contests to replace ousted Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy. “We like poking fun at everybody,” Collins declared. “We just had a lot of fun.”

And let’s not forget the contrast between Collins’ festive office and the White House. It turns out that the Biden family stockings will not be hung in the State Dining Room this year. According to a White House representative, the family will be spending Christmas at Camp David, and their stockings will be there. This decision became a topic of discussion after Biden failed to include a stocking for his seventh grandchild, Navy Joan Roberts, who was fathered by Hunter and initially denied by him. But Collins made sure to include a stocking for Navy in his display, highlighting the stark difference between his Christmas spirit and that of the Biden family.

In the end, Collins’ display was a bold and humorous way to celebrate the holiday season while taking a few jabs at the Biden family. And with his unapologetic attitude and attention to detail, he certainly made a memorable impression in the Christmas decoration competition.

Written by Staff Reports

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