Dems Eye Florida for Abortion Hijack, Ignoring Voters’ Will

The liberal Democrats are at it again, folks! They’re trying to push their radical abortion agenda on the good people of Florida. The Florida Supreme Court made a big boo-boo by putting the issue of abortion on the ballot, and now the national Democrats are salivating at the opportunity to manipulate the situation. In a desperate attempt to secure votes, the Biden campaign declared Florida “winnable”. But don’t be fooled, Florida Democrats claim they aren’t looking to politicize the measure. Yeah, right!

The Florida Dems are smart enough to know that turning abortion into a political circus will only push away the many state Republicans who believe in more reasonable abortion laws. Even after the Supreme Court’s decision, the Biden campaign wasted no time launching digital ads attacking former President Donald Trump’s stance on Roe v. Wade. Talk about a low blow!

State Rep. Anna Eskamani, a Democratic representative, claims that letting “locals lead on this is smart.” What a load of baloney! They’re just trying to cover up their sneaky agenda by pretending to take the high road.

The Democrats are scrambling to win over voters who are passionate about abortion rights, and they’ll stop at nothing to do it. They’re even boasting that nearly one million registered voters who signed the abortion ballot were Republicans. The nerve of them! Democratic state Senate Minority Leader Lauren Book is shamelessly bragging about how Republicans and independents supported the language in the measure. Wake up, folks! This is just another tactic to try and steal Republican votes.

And to top it all off, they’re comparing abortion to immigration, claiming it’s a complication and problem for Republicans. This is just ridiculous! They’ll stop at nothing to discredit the Republican stance. But let’s not forget, Florida is a state that Donald Trump won by a landslide in 2020, and the Democrats are delusional if they think they can just waltz in and steal the state from him.

It’s clear that the Democrats are salivating at the thought of turning Florida into their liberal playground, especially now that they see it as “winnable.” They’re already rubbing their hands together in anticipation of the cash flow that the DNC will provide to their state. It’s a shameless power grab, and the good people of Florida won’t stand for it! The Democrats can try all they want, but they won’t succeed in twisting Florida to fit their radical liberal agenda.

Written by Staff Reports

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