Fact Checkers Exposed: 99.5% Donations to Democrats! Bias Unveiled in New Study

According to a study conducted by the Washington Free Beacon, almost a hundred percent of the political donations made by employees of fact-verifying organizations went to the Democratic Party.

The goal of the Internet's policing is to ensure that factual information is accurately disseminated. This is done through the targeting of conservative and independent journalists for "fact checks." This can result in the loss of reputations and financial standing of these reporters.

The study, which looked into the activities of fact checkers, revealed shocking findings that revealed an alarming level of partisan bias. Even though they claimed to be unbiased, they were found to have a partisan bias, and they gave more money to Bernie Sanders than to other Republicans.

The study looked into the donations made by employees of various organizations during the four election cycles. It revealed that out of the total amount of over $22,000 donated, only about $22,580 went to the Democrats, while the rest went to the Republicans.

Some of the fact-verifying organizations that contributed to the campaigns of prominent politicians, such as Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Jaime Harrison of South Carolina, claimed to be unbiased. However, their past records show that they have been biased.

In addition, Facebook's fact-checkers have made numerous errors. For instance, they incorrectly labeled a Free Beacon report about the US Department of Health as false. According to the report, the agency was planning on funding the distribution of free smoking kits that contain crack pipes. Despite the fact that the Free Beacon had provided evidence that such organizations were doing so, the fact-checker maintained that the report was still misleading.

The findings of the study revealed that almost all of the political donations that the employees of fact-verification organizations made were directed toward the Democratic Party. This is a shocking figure and shows how poorly the industry operates.

The US Government has been accused of operating a covert censorship operation, which is in violation of the Constitution's guarantee of the freedom of speech. According to The Federalist, the authorities have been working with third parties to suppress the political opinions of Americans, especially those who are conservative. The State Department's Global Engagement Center, which is a part of the intelligence division, has been using a corporation that is led by a former intelligence operative to fund and promote the blacklisting efforts of conservative media outlets.

Several tech firms, such as Google and Facebook, have started investing in fact-verifying programs. However, these initiatives tend to accuse Republicans of being involved in deliberate falsehoods, which is a threat to the freedom of speech.

In response to this issue, the Congress should pass a law that explicitly prohibits the federal government from participating in the marketplace of ideas in the United States. This would help restore the rights of Americans. The government should stop violating the constitutional rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

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