Feds Unleash $340M COVID Relief as Illegal Immigrant Bonanza!

In a shocking turn of events, a new report has uncovered that illegal aliens in Washington state received hundreds of millions of tax dollars meant to assist struggling Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Economic Policy Innovation Center conducted a review of the spending and found that $340 million from the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund was distributed as $1,000 checks to illegals. This raises the question of whether Washington state, governed by left-wing Democrats, has disregarded the needs of its own citizens in favor of benefiting illegal immigrants.

Washington state received a total of $4.4 billion in SLFRF funding, but a portion of this money was set aside specifically for illegal aliens, even though they are ineligible for federal COVID aid. The state Legislature approved the transfer of funds to the “Immigrant Relief Fund” in April 2021, effectively bypassing the rules that prevent illegals from receiving federal relief meant for Americans. Interestingly, the Biden administration also approved this transfer, further fueling the narrative that it is subsidizing undocumented immigration under the guise of pandemic relief.

This is not the first time Washington state has allocated funds to support illegal aliens. As President Trump’s presidency was nearing its end, the state set aside $128 million for the IRF, distributing $1,000 checks to 122,000 illegal immigrants. The Democrat-dominated state Legislature even designed the program to ensure that receiving these checks would not negatively impact an individual’s application for a green card, claiming it was not considered welfare.

The IRF has now stopped accepting new applications, signaling that the project fund has been fully exhausted. The Economic Policy Innovation Center discovered similar programs in other states, such as Arizona, Illinois, and Texas, where federal pandemic relief funding is being redirected to aid illegal immigrants. It is clear that the Biden administration’s inclusion of illegal immigrants in COVID relief efforts is seen by some as encouragement for illegal immigration rather than prioritizing the needs of American citizens.

With a staggering $120 billion still remaining in the SLFRF, it is likely that more funds will be redirected to attract illegal immigrants to the country. This gives them access to free housing, medical care, education, transportation, legal services, and even cash assistance. While millions of jobless and struggling Americans were left in dire straits due to the shutdowns imposed by state officials, Democrats seem more concerned with supporting illegal immigrants.

The misuse of pandemic relief funds for purposes unrelated to COVID is unfortunately a common occurrence both at the state and federal levels. Billions of dollars have been funneled into left-wing wish list items instead of addressing the true needs of the American people. It is a sad reality that for Democrats, America comes last.

Written by Staff Reports

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