GOP Senator Exposes Biden’s Lie on Social Security Protection

Today, Senator Cassidy and Treasury Secretary Yellen had a heated exchange during a press conference regarding President Biden’s new economic plan for the 2024 fiscal year. The proposal includes a number of changes to Social Security, such as increasing benefits for some low-income seniors, creating a new program for family caregivers, and increasing funding for the Social Security Administration.

The proposal has received mixed reactions from lawmakers, with some expressing support for the proposed changes while others have concerns about the potential impact on the federal budget deficit. Senator Cassidy was one of the lawmakers who expressed his concerns about the proposal, repeatedly asking Secretary Yellen why the president had not presented his own plan. Yellen responded that the president stands ready to work with Congress.

However, Senator Cassidy was not satisfied with this answer, pointing out that a bipartisan group of senators had already requested to meet with the president. He then accused Yellen of lying, saying that the president did not care about the issue. This accusation was met with a strong rebuke from Yellen, who defended the president’s commitment to working with Congress on the issue.

It is clear that President Biden’s proposed changes to Social Security are controversial, and it remains to be seen whether or not they will be implemented. However, it is concerning that the president has yet to present his own plan and has instead chosen to rely on Congress to come up with a solution. This lack of leadership from the president is indicative of his lack of commitment to addressing the issue of Social Security reform and is a disservice to the American people. It is time for President Biden to step up and present his own plan for Social Security reform so that we can move forward with a solution that works for everyone.

Written by Staff Reports

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