Has China Infiltrated The U.S. Real Estate Industry To Conduct Espionage?

China's global intelligence-gathering and subversive actions occur on numerous levels, but all have been assisted by the large Chinese migration to the U.S. and other Western nations, which began with China's "Opening" under Nixon and accelerated afterward.

According to the Migration Policy Institute, Chinese immigration to the U.S. rose roughly seven-fold since 1980, reaching nearly 2.5 million in 2018. An unknown proportion remain loyal to the Chinese Communist Party.

Chinese espionage networks are generally operated out of Chinese consulates in key U.S. cities, but these supposedly diplomatic facilities are insufficiently staffed to exploit the vast range of important targets.

Non-official cover (NOC) Chinese intelligence personnel without diplomatic immunity are "sanitized" at intermediate places outside or inside the U.S. before reaching their objective area of operation in the U.S.

Chinese NOC intelligence networks consist of deep controller agents, perhaps "husband and wife" teams that monitor each other, and a host of facilitators within local Chinese communities who appear to live normal U.S. lives but are indispensable to China's intelligence-gathering and subversive activities.

Chinese intelligence has entered the U.S. real estate business to move agents and money to support espionage, including the acquisition of residential homes near critical U.S. military locations, not simply big land purchases for U.S. Air Forces bases in Texas and North Dakota.

Hawaiian Islands, home of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command and Pearl Harbor, are ineligible for significant land purchases.

The accompanying image is from a home suspected of being purchased for its proximity to the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command Headquarters and its unimpeded view of Pearl Harbor.

Chinese immigrants in Hawaii undertake intricate and complex real estate transactions using many corporations, often embedded in one other and related to other U.S. companies or offshore entities, all of which are finally tied to China.

The following scheme illustrates the real purchase of a home like the one presented. All the data from Hawaii suggests what looks to be an effort to hide real estate transactions and money flow.

China's purchase of land near U.S. military sites allows for monitoring and destruction. According to County of Oahu records, newly-arrived Chinese have also purchased property within a half mile of Fort Shafter, the US Army Pacific and 25th Infantry Division headquarters.

China may be trying to develop a critical mass of loyal Chinese property owners in the Hawaiian Islands to separate them from U.S. sovereignty.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on GATEWAY PUNDIT.

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