Hunter Biden Dodges Deposition, DOJ Cover-Up Unravels

The recent news that Hunter Biden has refused to sit down for a closed-door deposition has not surprised conservatives, who anticipated his reliance on the Fifth Amendment to avoid self-incrimination. Critics argue that this decision reflects a pattern of evasive behavior and a disregard for accountability on Hunter Biden's part.

Observers expected that if Hunter were to testify, his responses would be dominated by invoking the Fifth Amendment, a tactic commonly employed by individuals seeking to avoid providing potentially incriminating information. Conservatives view this as a strategy used by those with something to hide, particularly given the controversies surrounding Hunter Biden.

Concerns have been raised about Hunter Biden's tax forms and write-offs, which contributed to his recent nine-count indictment. This development followed the collapse of his plea agreement, prompting accusations of attempted cover-ups and wrongdoing.

Allegations of interference in the investigations by the Biden Justice Department have further fueled the controversy. IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Zeigler have claimed pervasive interference, leading to the unraveling of Hunter's plea deal, which included blanket immunity. The alleged interference has raised questions about the integrity of the Department of Justice and the accountability of its officials.

The departure of former Delaware assistant US attorney Lesley Wolf, who played a significant role in the alleged cover-up of the criminal investigation into Hunter Biden, has added to the controversy. Whistleblowers have accused Wolf of discouraging questions about Joe Biden and preventing inquiries into his involvement, suggesting a deliberate attempt to protect both the President and his son.

Critics question whether the recent developments indicate a scattering of individuals involved in the case and draw parallels to past incidents of alleged political operations, such as the obtaining of illegal FISA warrants during the Russian collusion investigation. There is concern that those who played significant roles in these situations may escape consequences.

Overall, conservatives argue that the unfolding Hunter Biden saga is indicative of broader issues of corruption and a lack of accountability within the Biden administration. Calls for justice and demands for accountability have intensified among conservatives who believe that those in power should not evade consequences for their actions.









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