Rapinoe’s Ego Trip Boomerangs as National Team Gripes Flop

Megan Rapinoe, the former soccer luminary, has once again taken center stage, and true to form, she's as vocal as ever. Known for her outspoken criticism of the country and her progressive stance, the retired captain of the United States Women’s National Soccer Team made waves by being an early adopter of kneeling during the national anthem—a move that extended to her participation in the Olympics. Yet, her latest spotlight involves an unexpected twist: she's now casting shade on the very sport that catapulted her to fame.

In a freshly aired Netflix documentary series, Rapinoe voiced her discontent with her former profession, labeling playing for the USWNT as the “worst job in the world.” Her grievances revolved around feeling unfairly criticized despite her stellar performances. Curiously, Rapinoe's worth exceeds seven million dollars, primarily amassed through endorsements garnered from her time representing the American soccer team.

But Rapinoe's grievances don't halt at disparaging the United States or her beloved sport; she's taken her ire to higher realms, even targeting the divine. Following an injury in her last game, Rapinoe controversially remarked, “And if there wasn’t God, like, this is proof that there isn’t because this is f**ked up.”

This isn't Rapinoe's debut in stirring controversy. In 2022, she accused her coach of “fat shaming” players, ultimately leading to his resignation. Her decision, along with her teammates, to kneel during the anthem in 2021 coincided with a humiliating defeat for the USWNT, prompting many Americans to revel in their loss due to Rapinoe's perceived anti-American sentiments.

Rapinoe's penchant for divisive and radical viewpoints continues to command attention. It appears that we're still waiting for a time when her voice finally fades into the background.

Written by Staff Reports

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