Hunter Scandal Exposed: Biden’s DOJ Plays Favorites!

The House Judiciary, Ways and Means, and Oversight Committees recently dropped a bombshell report exposing the Justice Department’s countless “deviations” during their five-year investigation into Hunter Biden. This scandalous 78-page staff report reveals some juicy details about political interference in the probe, and let’s just say it’s not looking too good for ol’ Hunter and his dad, President Joe Biden.

The report is like a giant spotlight shining on all the shady business going on within the DOJ. It includes jaw-dropping testimony from the officials themselves, as well as some courageous IRS whistleblowers who had the guts to speak up. These brave individuals spilled the beans about how the Biden administration’s political favorites stuck their noses where they didn’t belong and messed with the DOJ’s probe. But of course, the Biden-appointed officials are waving their hands in denial, trying to cover up their tracks like a bunch of scared little bunnies.

The report doesn’t just stop at dropping some bombshells, oh no. It goes on to outline a laundry list of findings that’ll leave your jaw on the floor. First off, the Justice Department slammed the brakes not once, but TWICE, on bringing stronger charges against Hunter Biden. Seriously, what kind of special treatment is this guy getting? And then there’s Attorney General Merrick Garland, who flat-out refused to name a special counsel in the tax investigation. You know, just to keep a cozy little distance between Papa Joe and his cozy little Justice Department.

Then there’s this Wolf character, Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf, who went all mamma bear protecting her cubs and shut down any questions about “the big guy.” But wait, it gets even better! She even stopped the investigation team from snooping around Joe Biden’s guest house in Delaware. Why, you ask? Oh, because of “optics.” Puh-lease. What’s she so afraid of finding in there, a petting zoo? And as if that’s not enough, Hunter demanded payment from a Chinese Communist Party-linked businessman while Papa Joe was just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Investigators wanted to confirm Joe’s whereabouts, but surprise, surprise, the FBI conveniently doesn’t have that data. It’s like they’re playing hide and seek with the truth!

But it doesn’t end there, folks. Hunter Biden thought it would be a hoot to deduct payments to prostitutes and sex clubs from his taxes. I mean, who does that? It’s like he’s treating the IRS like his own personal ATM for his sordid escapades.

And just when you thought the report couldn’t get any spicier, the Justice Department thought it would be cute to play hard to get with the Committees. They’re still holding out on some crucial documents and even blocked two high-ranking officials from spilling the beans, despite being subpoenaed. Talk about dodging the truth like it’s a game of dodgeball!

And if that’s not enough, the cherry on top is that the Committees are still on the hunt for more evidence, and they’re not backing down. They’ve made it crystal clear that they’re lurking around every corner, ready to pounce on any chance to draft some articles of impeachment against President Biden. It’s like a political thriller, but in real life!

Buckle up, folks, because this investigation isn’t over yet. The Committees are on the prowl, and they’re not easing up until they’ve turned every stone and uncovered all the dirt they can find. It’s like a soap opera playing out in the political arena, and you can bet this isn’t the last we’ve heard of the Biden family’s misadventures. Stay tuned for the next jaw-dropping episode of “Biden Investigations: The Never-Ending Saga.”

Written by Staff Reports

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