Levin’s Fiery Takedown: Biden, DOJ Exposed as Corrupt!

In a heated radio segment, Mark Levin went after the Bidens and the Department of justice, labeling them as the "Biden crime family." He also claimed that there is an unprecedented amount of corruption within the organization.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) was accused of helping the Biden family cover up their crimes, such as money laundering, extortion, wire fraud, and bribery. According to Levin, the family has been getting rich from shady organizations and foreign governments, but where the money is going is unknown.

In his segment, Levin called out the Department of Justice and the Bidens for being part of the "Biden crime family," and he noted that they're working to suppress the truth because they know that he's a crooked politician. He also claimed that the Obama administration has a full-on radical agenda.

In addition, Levin took aim at Attorney General Garland. He claimed that the latter was part of a cover-up operation designed to prevent Biden from facing a criminal investigation. Levin was able to prove his claims by citing various documents, such as bank records and government records.

According to Levin, Biden is running for re-election to avoid facing a criminal investigation. He claims that by hiding behind the presidency, he can get more protection. Levin noted that the position of the Department of Justice, which prevents a sitting president from being indicted, is a convenient way for Biden to avoid facing serious charges.

In his segment, Levin went after Jack Smith, who was appointed by Garland to be the so-called "hitman" prosecutor. He said that Smith is dirty due to how he violates the privilege of his clients and leaks confidential information to the press. Moreover, he acts like an abusive power user by medling in the elections and hurting Republicans.

After going on a lengthy rant, Levin concluded his segment by saying that Smith and his associates should have their licenses revoked. He noted that the corruption within the Department of Justice and Biden's administration is becoming more and more difficult to ignore. This will affect the upcoming elections and the candidate's chances of winning.

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