Liberals Melt Down as Trump’s Truth Social Soars

In a segment on the liberal “Morning Joe” show, the hosts cried foul over former President Donald Trump’s success in the stock market with his Truth Social platform. These left-leaning talking heads urged the SEC to poke around, claiming there’s some shady business at play. Typical liberal hysteria if you ask me!

The stocks for Truth Social shot up in value after a merger, making Trump even richer, which is just great news for a successful businessman like him. The MSNBC panel, on the other hand, whined about possible stock manipulation and demanded the SEC investigate. These sore losers just can’t stand to see a conservative do well in the market!

According to these liberal worrywarts, the revenue for Truth Social is a measly $4 million, but hey, that’s capitalism, folks! Who cares about facts when you can stir up baseless accusations against a conservative figure, right? The stocks took a bit of a dip soon after, and you can bet these left-wing commentators had a field day with it.

The hosts on “Morning Joe” slammed Truth Social as nothing more than a platform for Trump to share his thoughts. Well, newsflash, that’s what social media is for – free speech, people! They even went as far as insinuating that investing in Truth Social is a way to influence elections. Absurd! These liberals will stop at nothing to tarnish Trump’s reputation and success.

In true liberal fashion, these MSNBC talking heads are trying to drum up controversy where there is none. Trump’s Truth Social platform is thriving, and it’s giving a voice to conservative Americans who are tired of the left-wing media bias. Keep shining, President Trump, and don’t let these liberal naysayers get you down!

Written by Staff Reports

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