Mayor Pete Now Says TRAIN TRACKS Are Racist

What is America's ridiculous farce of a Transportation Secretary working on at a time when inflation is wreaking havoc on the market, sky-high fuel prices are clearing the pocketbooks of average Americans, and a conflict with China, Russia, or both is still looking more likely than it has in eons?

It appears that they are fighting against racist railroad lines. He might have moved forward from wringing his hands about racist bridges or bragging about that Americans are being forced to look into purchasing an electric vehicle due to the continually high price of fuel. He must have moved on.

When he was chatting to Trevor Noah on The Daily Show, he let the racist train tracks line slip out. He then decided to explain the significance of "the other side of the tracks" and make it a racial thing (of course), saying:

“…The point is, look, there are many places in the US where a road or a railroad was used to divide or segregate or even remove a neighborhood, typically a black neighborhood.”

Things got even crazier when Noah asked Buttigieg what he was going to do to fix the problem. In response, Buttigieg offered what sounded like a massive plan for reshaping whole metropolitan areas to make the streets and train tracks anti-racist, or whatever.
“…We’re gonna get it right. And that includes recognizing that infrastructure is supposed to connect, not divide some places that might mean that you’ve got a road that’s cutting up a neighborhood. It needs to go underground. And then you can put a cap over and then you can put a park on that cap and create value in the whole neighborhood.”

So, it really is necessary for either trains or vehicles to run underground so that there is no physical barrier between the ghetto and the pleasant districts, and the federal government is going to spend a significant amount of money to make this a reality. What are the worst-case scenarios that may occur?

People whose neighborhoods will be overrun by criminals after barriers are removed will not win (just look at what MARTA did to Atlanta), nor will all of the tax paying citizens compelled to give up their hard-earned money so that Mayor Pete can play an anti-racist Transportation Secretary win; however, one would probably be correct in thinking that he is not overly concerned with the opinions of people in this category.

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