NJ AG Platkin Scorches County Line as Unconstitutional

In a move that has stirred up some serious drama in New Jersey, Attorney General Matt Platkin has boldly declared that the county line is “unconstitutional” and has decided not to defend it in court. This decision has definitely raised some eyebrows, especially since Rep. Andy Kim (D-NJ) has already filed a lawsuit against more than a dozen county clerks for using the county line.

Platkin didn’t mince words in his letter to the federal judge, making it crystal clear that the attorney general’s office will not be getting involved in the lawsuit. He pointed to the evidentiary record and confidently stated that the “challenged statutes are unconstitutional” and therefore will not be defended. Whoa! Talk about dropping the mic with that declaration.

This gutsy move by the attorney general doesn’t guarantee that the county line system will be outlawed, but it certainly paves the way for that possibility. Platkin firmly asserted that the laws in question don’t serve the government’s interests, and he backed it up with observational and randomized experimental evidence. He basically dropped a truth bomb and walked away like a boss!

Now, if you’re wondering about the political implications of all this, hold onto your hats! Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) might be feeling the heat because the first lady Tammy Murphy currently holds the county line in the state’s most populous counties. If the line gets removed, it could put a serious dent in her campaign against Kim, who’s actually leading in the polls. It’s like a political thriller unfolding right before our eyes!

But let’s not forget the repercussions for Gov. Phil Murphy (D-NJ) in all of this. His spokesman pointed out that attorneys general have a duty to defend the constitutionality of statutes, regardless of their personal opinions. Translation: Looks like there’s some serious political maneuvering going on behind the scenes!

And the cherry on top? Mayor Steven Fulop of Jersey City, New Jersey, dropped a bombshell endorsement for Kim, expressing his disappointment with the Murphy campaign. Whoa, it’s like a political soap opera playing out in real life! Jersey City Mayor Fulop just straight-up said that he believes Kim is the better candidate and brings a better chance of success in November. Who knew politics could be this juicy?

And if you thought that was all the drama, think again! At the Camden County’s convention, Kim and another opponent, Patricia Campos-Medina, were shut out and not allowed to speak. Kim stood up for his colleague and slammed the Democrats for denying her a chance to address the convention. Drama alert! It’s like a reality show unfolding in the political arena.

Well, it looks like New Jersey is serving up a hefty dose of political intrigue, and the plot twists just keep on coming. It’s politics at its finest, folks – complete with bold declarations, strategic endorsements, and behind-the-scenes power moves. Who needs a soap opera when you’ve got New Jersey politics?

Written by Staff Reports

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