Oregon GOP Halts Dems’ Shocking Anti-Parent Push: Boycott Backlash Begins!

The radical Democrats of Oregon seem to have gone too far when it comes to their anti-parent agenda, as Senate Republicans decided to boycott floor sessions until the end of the session on June 25. Their boycott is centered around a bill that would allow children to have access to transgender healthcare and abortion procedures without their parents' consent.

The leaders of the Republican Party of Oregon, including Tim Knopp, have accused Senate President Rob Wagner of trying to suppress their voices in order to prevent them from speaking out against the state's Democratic agenda. They claim that the agenda being pushed by the Democrats is unconstitutional, unlawful, and uncompromising. Governor Tina Kotek's attempt to end the boycott is just another example of how the Democrats use their position to silence their opponents.

The bill that prompted the boycott included a measure that would restrict the Second Amendment in the State of Oregon. By raising the minimum age for purchasing AR-15 rifles and other firearms to 21, the Democrats are violating the rights of citizens in the state. Gun ownership is an essential American right, and they are wrong to attempt to infringe on it.

It is appalling that these kinds of measures are being considered by the legislature of Oregon. The Republican walkout is justified and is aimed at safeguarding the rights of citizens in the country. According to Tim Knopp, the members of the Republican Party of Oregon will return to the state before the end of the session to address the various issues affecting Oregonians, such as affordable housing, homelessness, job creation, and public safety.

We must support Senate Republicans in their efforts to uphold the rights of Oregon residents and stop the radical Democrats' anti-American agenda and anti-parent agenda.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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