Prosecutors Allege Hunter Biden Lied on Gun Form Amid Drug Use

In a court case in Wilmington, Delaware, federal prosecutors argued that Hunter Biden, the son of President Biden, knowingly made a false statement when buying a gun in 2018. They said that evidence shows that he was addicted to drugs at the time of the purchase.

Prosecutor Leo Wise told the jury that Mr. Biden’s ex-girlfriend testified that he used drugs in California less than three weeks before buying the gun and filling out a form saying he was not using drugs. He also pointed to evidence that Mr. Biden used drugs in the days after buying the gun.

Wise urged the jury to consider the pattern of Mr. Biden’s drug use, including text messages and his own memoir. He asked them to look past the support of the Biden family members who attended the court and focus on the evidence presented.

However, defense attorney Abbe Lowell argued that the government did not meet its burden to prove that Mr. Biden knowingly violated the law when filling out the gun form. Lowell stated that Mr. Biden had to be “conscious and aware” that he was committing a crime, and that the government failed to prove this.

Hunter Biden faces three felony charges related to his purchase of a handgun in 2018. Prosecutor Wise emphasized that they don’t have to prove Mr. Biden used drugs on the day of the gun purchase, just around the time of the purchase.

In his closing arguments, Wise referred to text messages sent by Mr. Biden discussing drug deals and waiting to purchase crack, which defense attorneys claimed were lies. Wise urged the jurors to use their common sense when considering the evidence presented during the trial.

The article emphasized the prosecutor’s argument that the evidence against Hunter Biden was overwhelming and necessary for the case. It also mentioned that the first lady, Jill Biden, and President Biden’s brother, James Biden, were present in court to support Hunter Biden.

This news brings attention to the legal matters involving a public figure and emphasizes the prosecutor’s efforts to prove their case.

Written by Staff Reports

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