Report Reveals Biden “Allies” Plans to Intimidate Witnesses Before GOP Investigation

The Washington Post reported that Biden family allies held a secret meeting in California, where they discussed how they would respond to allegations that they used their influence to benefit themselves.

The meeting was reportedly an attempt to blunt any potential investigation. Some of the prominent political operatives who were involved in the meeting are known to be very controversial. This is all according to a scathing report from the NY Post

The meeting was held in California, and the host was Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Kevin Morris. After his friend was placed under investigation for possible tax evasion, Morris reportedly settled his debts with the IRS for around $2.8 million.

According to the Washington Post, Morris called for a more aggressive response to those who are looking into the alleged influence-peddling. He reportedly wanted to hit critics, such as Fox News, with defamation suits.

The Post also reported that Morris conducted extensive research on two individuals who could testify against Hunter Biden, namely John Paul Mac Isaac and Tony Bobulinski. Bobulinski is a businessman who was reportedly recruited by the Bidens to manage foreign deals. He contradicted the claims made by President Biden that he had no knowledge of these transactions.

His testimony could very possibly threaten the House investigation into the alleged influence-peddling. It could also reveal the president's possible receipt of the money from the deals.

The Washington Post was given access to this story, which is very interesting since it reveals details about the inner workings of the Bidens. Usually, political operatives don't publicize their campaigns. However, this one wanted it to be public before the House could summon any witnesses.

The Washington Post is known for being very pro-Biden, and it recently admitted that the laptop that was allegedly used by Hunter Biden was authentic. This paper also revealed a plan to identify potential witnesses who could testify against the Bidens.

The article noted that this effort is being carried out independently from the White House. David Brock, the head of the group, said that his organization is following its own strategy.

Read even more details on the NY Post's site

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