Senior Citizens Blast Bidenomics as Cruel Joke and Stinging Failure

President Joe Biden’s hopes of using his spending package to secure his reelection have suffered a setback as older Americans are now viewing it as a deceptive scheme to promote a leftist green agenda. The so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” that Biden has been promoting across the country has failed to provide any significant benefits to older voters, who believe that Biden and his political allies are the only ones benefiting from the economic hype. According to a recent poll conducted by McLaughlin & Associates, the majority of voters aged 55 and older, including Democrats, believe that the Inflation Reduction Act is a “failure.”

When asked about the beneficiaries of the tax provisions, regulations, and spending, respondents overwhelmingly stated that politicians have benefited the most, while older Americans have received little to no benefit. The survey also found that nearly 90% of respondents believe that the projected Medicare savings should be used to lower drug and medical costs for older Americans, instead of being diverted to support Biden’s liberal agenda. The poll also revealed that nearly 75% of respondents believe that the Inflation Reduction Act turned out to be something different than what its supporters promised.

Additionally, over 80% of respondents stated that prices for their prescription drugs and health insurance either increased or stayed the same after the enactment of the spending bill. Furthermore, nearly 85% of respondents reported an increase in prices for consumer goods like food, clothing, and utilities since the package passed last year. These findings indicate that older Americans view the Inflation Reduction Act as a failure and are opposed to diverting Medicare savings to fund unrelated spending priorities.

According to Phil Kerpen, the president of American Commitment, conservatives should continue to oppose the Inflation Reduction Act, as it has not achieved its stated objectives and has instead led to higher consumer prices and healthcare costs for seniors.

Written by Staff Reports

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